1st Play Teether

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1st Play Teether


1st PLAY Baby Teethers are elegant and durable – designed to relieve baby’s aching gums but also serves as a beautiful toy that can be played with for many years. With rounded edges that are sanded and smoothed to naturally soothe sore and delicate gums, your baby will be relieved in the most pure and wholesome way. The holes evoke a natural desire to grab and hold it in the hand of your little ones.

When teeth are breaking out, your baby needs stimulus and comfort. The 1st PLAY Baby Teethers are all pure, organic and natural – perfect for those delicate gums. Let your baby play with the teether and encourages coordination through natural play, or take it off to soothe sore gums. 1st Play Baby Teethers improve senses, it’s soft and warm to touch, it catches your baby’s eyes with round and pure shapes, and tickles their tiny noses with the smell of wood.

The entire series is made from selected eco-friendly Maplewood from FSC-certified suppliers, absolutely free of any chemicals.

The Baby Teethers are part of the 1st Play Universe, and comes in eleven varieties (for now). They are all specially designed and crafted to evoke the imagination and sooth sore gums of your little ones.

Size varies – aproximate size: 3 in. x 4 in. x .5 in.

Material: Maple hardwood that comes from FSC-certified suppliers

Made in Denmark

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Butterfly, Bite a Panda, Cuddle a Cloud, Sleepy Moon, Rocket, Little Lemon, Checky Cherry, Mushi Mushroom, Grab a Racoon, You're a Star, Robot

1st Play Teether

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